New England Senior Hockey League (NESHL)

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We are the New England Senior Hockey League, Inc.  Our office hours are typically 9-5 on Monday-Fridays.


PO Box 572

Swampscott, MA 01907

888-45-NESHL (888-456-3745)

League Management

The league is a private S corporation, owned and operated by Paul & Lisa Laubenstein

Paul Laubenstein is the founder and President of the New England Senior Hockey League, Inc.  He handles all hockey operations and can be reached at or at 888-456-3745 during business hours.

Lisa Laubenstein is the Vice President and is responsible for administrative functions.  She can be reached during business hours at or 888-456-3745.

Jim Lawler is a Regional Director for the league and is responsible for hockey operations in the Walpole, Foxboro, and Marlboro regions.  He can be reached during business hours at during 

About the NESHL

The New England Senior Hockey League was founded by Paul Laubenstein in late November of 1982, initially as a hobby.  Paul and his friends were playing Saturday afternoons in Hyde Park, and wanted to make sure they were playing teams of similar skill levels, so Paul founded a small league, with just 4 teams, playing full contact hockey.  The following year they were up to 12 teams and the business was off to a good start.  Five years later, they stopped the full contact league, but continued to play competitve 'no check' hockey with even more teams in the league.  Over the years the league has grown a bit every year, and now has hundreds of teams playing in rinks all over Massachusetts, with players traveling from all 5 New England states to play in our league.  

The Fall 2013-2014 season marks the 32nd  year in business for the NESHL,and as we move intothe upcoming Spring 2014 new season, we've made some changes so we can stay competitive, add value for our customers, and continue to grow.

  • We've added a new leagues to our lineup...the Kingston Bog league, the Blackstone Valley arena (brand new rink) in Hopedale, the BU Sunday morning league and new Rookie Leagues. .
  • In the Fall of 2011 we began using Pointstreak to register teams and players, and more importantly - game and individual statistics.  The resonse has been great, and we are very excited to be able to offer this to all of our league teams and players.
  • We've added an Online Team Store, so teams and players can get all their jerseys and other sportswear right here, and we offer partial reimbursements to new teams buying jerseys.
  • Yes, there's an App for partnership with Buzzer Apps, we've created a new free app for our customers to download to their smart phones - you can stay up to the minute with schedules, stats, social media and more,,,especially helpful when there are last minute cancellations due to weather or issues at the rinks.
  • We have joined Facebook so more people can 'like' us, Twitter so they can 'follow us' and LinkedIn so our customers have yet another way to network with the league ona professional level for business and social interests.
  • We have two recurring Tournaments each year - the BostonFest tourney in March and the SummerFest tourney in August - both are growing and are a great way to have fun and find out what's avaiable in our league.  We are hoping to be able to offer a 'destination' tournament in the coming year, so let us know if you have any ideas on locations.

In recent years there have been some exciting special events we've been proud to take part in:

  • The BostonFest Tournament is happening again in March 2014, now in its 19th year, and the newer SummerFest, will have it's 5th year, taking place in August 2014.
  • The NESHL took part in the Winter Classic Events at Fenway Park in Dec. 2010 - what a historic event that was...playing hockey in the ballpark.  Several of our teams got to play hockey in Fenway while their families and fans drank hot chocolate (instead of ice cold beer).
  • NESHL teams have had opportunities in the past to play at both the 'old' Garden and the 'new' Garden. Either way, it's still pronounced 'gahh-den'.

 As we continue to grow, we try to stay true to the original concept....fair and fun hockey at all skill levels for all adults!